One of the joys of having a website is the new contacts, sometimes leading to friendships, with people who are current or potential cloud/winter storm lovers. Browsing my website, has provided one avenue. Now, I invite you to contact me using the contact form with your weather question, or a comment you have on the site.

I will do my best to get back to you wherever you may be around the world. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Wireless Weather Station

The Model Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station is one of the best weather station I used so far. The wireless Vantage Pro2 can transmit and receive date up to 1000' (300 m). You can get all current weather conditions including; wind speed, wind direction, outside and inside temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, solar radiation ... End of 2008, an extra Tmp/Hum wireless sensor was added to mesure weather condition at 1.5 meter level. This module was replaced in spring 2019.  In May 2020, (after nearly 10 years on roof), a new model (Vantage Pro 2 Plus) was installed. This model is similar to the previous one except a UV sensor was added.


Vantage Pro 2 - Indoor console


Vantage Pro 2 - Display




Meteobridge is a small device with software that transforms many popular stations into an online station capable of uploading measurements to different weather networks (including Windguru, Weatherunderground, ...). Meteobridge runs on cheap routers (as an alternative firmware) or you can get a specialised device: Meteobridge PRO. Meteobridge supports many different weather stations. With Metebridge connected directly to a Davis Weather Station, there is no need to have a computer.



Weather software: GraphWeather (highly recommended), Weatherlink (necessary), wsWin (great potential), Cobian Back-up

Development tools: WebDeveloper, Firebug, UltraEdit

Network / Community


Le centre d'interpértation des énergies renouvelables

Since summer 2008 celinium.com has been a proud partner of "Le centre d'interpértation des énergies renouvelables". Please visit: www.energie-richelieu.com

Centre de prévision des crues du Québec

In fall 2008 celinium.com joined Hydro météo network: http://www.hydrometeo.net

Member of:


Details weather conditions : Click here




Definition : In technology, a mashup is a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool; an example is the use of cartographic data from Google Maps to add location information to real-estate data, thereby creating a new and distinct web service that was not originally provided by either source.

To access the Montreal area map with Mashup technology:

  • CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program)
  • APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)
  • Hydrometeo
  • World Weather Station
  • WeatherUnderground


Voilà: A new Weather Dashboard is coming ...

Stay tuned ... A new version of Celinium Weather Dashboard is coming soon. You will retrieve in one single page, all the weather data (min/max, current values, ...).

This new page is also compatible for smartphone and tablets. To get access to the Beta version, use this form click here.


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