Current weather condition at Montreal

Current Low High

Temperature (10m)
25.8°C Trend 0 21.0°C 25.8°C
Temperature (1.5m)
26.1°C Trend 10 min +0.4 21.1°C 26.1°C
Humidity 10m
69% Trend 10min  -1 68% 93%
Humidity 1.5m
70% Trend 10min  -1 69% 94%
1015.9 hPa Trend 1h 0.0 1010.4 hPa 1016.1 hPa
Wind gust 11.0 km/h 22.5 km/h
Wind direction Wind direction 225° SW

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Current weather condition for MontrealAll you need to know about the current weather conditions for Montreal. Weather data is updated every 10 minutes.

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Current Montreal weatherSince 2004, celinium.com website has provided accurate weather forecast for Montreal's island.